Us!Hello! Welcome to our blog – Beer & Skittles. We are Chris and Gina – a couple of kiddos from Seattle, just taking the long way as we try to figure out what’s next.

You know, we’re at that point in life when our friends are getting married, having babies, buying houses, starting businesses and careers – just doing all those really wonderful and very adult things that you’re expected to do during your twenties. Feeling the pressure to take the next big life-step ourselves, in April 2013 we quit our jobs, packed all of our possessions away into storage, put our necessities into a backpack, and flew halfway across the globe to spend a few months traveling around Europe. It may not have been the most pragmatic or grown-up thing to do… but, hey, we all gotta take our own path.

This trip is a grand experiment and this blog will chart our travels and our growth as human beings. We have absolutely no idea how everything will turn out.

Start from the very beginning…