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Street Food Souvenirs: Lángos

One of the things that we get asked the most about is food. But it is just really hard to pick a favorite food experience. So, we will be sharing our favorite foods from the road in this new series, Street Food Souvenirs. We will also try to recreate these tasty treats at home and we’ll see how the homemade version stacks up against the original street food version. Today we are trying lángos (pronounced lang-osh), a tasty fried dough snack from Budapest.

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7 Ways to Enjoy the Glamour of Budapest

Budapest is a covertly luxurious city. This Eastern-European capital’s slightly crumbly facade masks a subtle glamour and elegance that is within every visitors’ grasp. There is great food, eclectic bars, spas, and exquisite architecture. And, overall, many activities are very affordable. Here are seven ways to feel like a king or queen in Budapest that don’t break the bank.

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